Coaching Overview

Okay, so you’ve figured out that you LOVE music!

   Maybe you love writing songs, playing & performing music & are ready to figure out how to move forward with making music a bigger part of your life. 

   If that sounds like you, you may also be feeling a bit disorientated & visionless. Where should you start? What should be your first step? How do you figure out where to put your time, energy & talent?

    As a counselor, coach & musician with a Master's Degree in Education, I've spent over two decades helping people design the paths that let them follow their dreams. 


 I can help you:

  • Identify, organize & prioritize your music career goals

  • Devise specific step-by-step plans for those goals, such as:

    • Improve your songwriting skills through the use of easy-to-use songwriting techniques

    • Master your live performances through communicating musically, visually & verbally with your audience. In addition, as a client, you will have the opportunity for a showcases slot at an Open Mic

    • Enhance your songs with loops, tools & rhythm via GarageBand

    • Design an effective Electronic Press Kit (EPK) & professional performance resume to help you land performance opportunities. 

    • Learn the ins and outs of starting and running a band if you are looking to expand beyond solo performance. 

  Are you ready to change your music career?

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