My love of music goes back as long as I can remember. Back in the day, my parents made my older sisters and brother take piano lessons. I guess by the time it got to me, they didn't bother! But, turns out, I spent more time noodling on that old piano than any of my siblings. I was determined to write the next "Godspell"! 

   I also spent hours coming up with new lyrics to popular songs. "Billy, Don't be a Hero" became a song about a duck and his 'girlfriend's' fear that he would lose his it became "Billy, Don't be a Pillow" ("...and as he left from the pond, she said "Billy, keep your down on") HAAA! Still cracks me up!

   I have most of the notes from my old original songs and I love to look through them. Surprisingly, I still remember most of the melodies in my head after all this time. 

 They still inspire my writing to this day.  

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