"Whenever people say, 'We mustn't be sentimental,' you can take it they are about to do something cruel. And if they add, 'We must be realistic,' they mean they are going to make money out of it.”

― Brigid Brophy 


  After getting my Master of Education and Counseling, I've worked for more than 25 years children, adolescents and their families as a school counselor, teacher, academic coach and humane educator.  As a humane educator, I founded a variety of programs such as The Shiloh Project — which has been featured on PBS and in a number of national publications —Camp Underdog and Club Y.A.A.P. (Young Advocates for Animals Program).

  In addition to working as an academic coach and humane educator, I've also had the privilege of being a guest lecturer for the Smithsonian Associates Lecture Series "It's a Dog's Life" in Washington D.C. and the Animal Welfare Committee/Omega Tau Sigma Veterinary Service Fraternity in Blacksburg, VA, and a featured presenter at "The Tangled Web of  Abuse" Conference, in Greenville, S.C.


  I love doing outdoor projects, singing/songwriting and hanging out with my wonderful and talented husband Bill and our ever-evolving menagerie of rescued dogs in Fairfax, Virginia.

Mr. Bones
'An open door, and a patch of sun, where a comrade used to be.
And a little phantom brown-eyed tramp is somewhere
waiting the step of me. 
They say there's Heaven beyond the stars and a peace beyond compare,
so tell me, shall a joyous bark and a gladsome tail be there?
With my first strange unfamiliar steps in a wide and far-off land, 
dare I know a small cold friendly nose will be reaching for my hand?
I ask no mansions wrought of gold, nor streets of precious stones...
Dear God, build just a little house for me-and Mr. Bones. 
-Dixie Wilson